Urban Farming

Photograph of a community garden with neat rows of flowers and other plants, with tall city buildings in the background.

The COCD Center for Urban Farming (CUF) in Dayton, Ohio is set to launch a pioneering initiative for empowering refugees and immigrants through sustainable urban agriculture. With an established infrastructure and in collaboration with Ohio State University and Central State University, this program aims to innovate business and marketing models suitable for diverse immigrant communities.

The CUF will function as a hub of community engagement, fostering intergenerational learning through student interns and senior volunteers. Also set to transform vacant lots into urban farms, COCD will partner with local institutions to boost community health through food education and farmer training.

With a culturally responsive teaching approach, this program is equipped to integrate language and skills training to assist refugees in building quality lives, while simultaneously benefiting the local economy. With all elements in place, this transformative initiative is on the brink of commencement.