ESL Classes

English as a Second Language (ESL) Levels 1 – 7

Students who enroll in this program will be asked to take a placement test. Based on the result of the placement test score, each student will be placed in one of our seven class levels that best fits their skills and needs, with the exception of Pre-Beginner and Beginner levels. 

The Pre-beginner level is for students with little to no literacy skills. Our method of teaching at this level will focus on developing oral competencies before transitioning to reading and writing. This will help students gain conversational English skills that will allow them to interact with their teachers but at the same time be able to get-by in the community by themselves. The Beginner level is for students with literacy skills in other languages but with little or no English skills. The rest of the groups are placed according to the scores they achieve in the placement tests. Those are Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Classes are offered from 10AM to 12PM, 1PM to 3PM and 6PM to 8PM Monday to Friday. On Saturday, classes are offered from 10AM to 12PM or 12PM to 2PM based on the arrangement of the students and teachers. 

Our ESL program also functions as a site for the TESOL students of Wright State University and University of Dayton to complete their practicum and for community engagement.