Family Mentoring

It is widely recognized that acquiring proficiency in a new language is noticeably more pronounced in children than in adults, a trend particularly prominent within immigrant and refugee families resettling in the United States. Such disparity necessitates children to act as interpreters or cultural intermediaries for their parents, disrupting traditional parent-child dynamics and potentially destabilizing the family structure. Additionally, employment proves to be a significant hurdle, as foreign qualifications often go unrecognized, leading many families to resort to low-wage employment in challenging conditions, thus compromising time for family care and personal well-being.

Recognizing these multifaceted challenges, Cross Over Community Development (COCD), with the support of partners, is in the development phase of a comprehensive family mentoring program aiming to bridge English as a Second Language (ESL) learners with supportive networks. This initiative will involve recruiting mentors who will serve as English conversational partners, cultural educators, career mentors, and role models for the youth, as well as providing crucial assistance in navigating the complex web of social networks in the Greater Dayton area.