Housing Assistance

A photograph of a miniature model house with white and red paint and a gray shingle roof is dominant, with a set of keys on a keyring in the foreground.

Immigrant participants in our programs receive assistance with rental houses or low-income housing applications. We are dedicated to supporting our clients in navigating the complexities of the housing market and ensuring fair treatment. Should they encounter adversity due to discriminatory practices by their landlords, we act as a conduit, linking them with appropriate services dedicated to safeguarding their rights and mediating any emergent issues.

In certain circumstances, bolstered by our network of partners, we have extended rental assistance to alleviate immediate housing stress. As we continue to evolve our service portfolio, our future direction includes expanding our programs. The prospective additions under consideration include Housing Education and Counseling, Transitional Housing, and Home-Ownership Programs. We believe that this expansion will equip our clients with a broader set of tools to navigate the housing landscape more effectively.