Current Programs

Our programs are free and open to all

Bridging the Learning Gaps

Our programs are intended to empower immigrants and refugees to become self sufficient, socially connected, and engaged in their communities. 

We accept students with little or no formal education to those with advanced foreign degrees. Our staff will  determine the educational goals for each student when they enroll.

Since April 2019, all of our classes are offered virtually. Our students will receive 10 hours of classes to learn basic computer skills in order to access our learning platforms.

Benefits From Our Programs

Boosted Confidence and Self-Sufficiency

Our programs will help students increase their English proficiency, which will reduce their need for translators or interpreters. Graduates will be able to navigate within their communities and independently make professional and personal decisions. 

Enhanced Wellbeing

Our array of services contribute to individuals being better able to understand, navigate, and advocate for improved health outcomes for themselves and their families.

Community Participation

Our ESL and community outreach programs will give students the opportunity to gain familiarity with the way native English speakers speak and the appropriate responses to various social situations. Understanding clear and effective communication is crucial for immigrants and refugees to integrate easily in the workplace and their communities and avoid misunderstandings. 

Better Family Life​

Families benefit when the parents are able to speak English fluently. Parents who are proficient in English will be able to help their children with their education and participate in their social lives. The children will not have to act as translators for their parents which will allow them to focus on their own needs and preserve family structure. 

Improved English Fluency

Our immersive and personalized English language programs will help students develop their English fluency skills fast by fully integrating, speaking, listening, writing, reading and vocabulary development. Students will primarily learn through interaction and hands-on activities which will help with memorization and retention. v

Greater Eligibility for Job Opportunities

Our job training programs will teach students the requirements for a successful job application in the U.S and will allow students to work in specific fields alongside our partnered University students. Understanding the expectations of employers and having some experience in the workforce will increase the chance of being hired.

Apply to be a Student

Below is a summary of current educational programd. Please click on each image to learn more. If you are interested in applying, please click on the Current Programs Applications button. 

Apply to be a Teacher

If you are interested in teaching for any of our programs, please click on the Teacher Application button and fill out the required information. 

Education Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! Each program is free of cost.

Anyone who is interested in our programs can participate. No prerequisites required. 

You can sign up for your desired program by clicking on the current programs application button on the top of the webpage. Clicking on the link will direct you to an application form where you can fill out all the required information in order to enroll. 

A staff member will review your application and will contact you with the information you provided. After a staff member has contacted you, you will receive a confirmation email and class details.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher for one of our classes, you can find available teaching opportunities at You can apply externally from our volunteer match website or you can click on the Teacher Application button and fill out all of the required information. Once you have submitted your information, one of our staff members will be in touch with you shortly.