Cross Over Community Development provides  hands-on support, facilitating connections, and developing resources to serve African immigrants, refugees, and their communities. Our services include:

  • Providing hands-on English language learning activities that are relevant to the lives of immigrants;
  • Helping immigrant families connect with the greater community through collaborative projects and volunteer interactions;
  • Supporting language and cultural enrichment activities and income-generating opportunities to youth and their families;
  • Compiling curricular resources for educators interested in supporting immigrant youth in their classrooms;
  • Building partnerships with employers who may offer employment opportunities to immigrants;
  • Connecting immigrants to community services that they would otherwise not know about due to language and cultural barriers;
  • Advocating for immigrant individuals and families who are not prepared to advocate for themselves by making phone calls, writing letters or providing personalized “family navigation” assistance;
  • Using technology to build online learning communities and tools that can  efficiently reach a broad immigrant audience.