About Us

Values, Mission, and Vision

Founded In 2016

Cross Over Community Development (COCD), a 501(c)(3) non-profit headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is committed to fostering the successful integration of immigrants and refugees into the community. Our multi-pronged approach includes advocacy, direct support, and mentorship, with the primary goal of empowering immigrants by providing essential resources for a dignified life. We prioritize English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, understanding its vital role in our beneficiaries’ ability to communicate their needs effectively. Our programs, designed to promote self-sufficiency, also prepare individuals to navigate social services independently. Annually, we interact with over 300 immigrant and refugee families, providing necessary guidance and support.

COCD offers a comprehensive range of services, such as in-person and online ESL education, GED preparation, and college readiness programs. We understand the challenges and obstacles that many families face upon arriving in the United States. This is why our collaboratively-developed programs are free and open to all. We recognize the difficulty in understanding the web of complex issues in the United States, which is why we provide a comprehensive case management model featuring wraparound support services to facilitate access to community resources. These services include employment aid, legal assistance for immigration matters, healthcare access, and provision of basic needs. To address the unique challenges faced by senior immigrants and refugees, we’re initiating a Special Senior program. In response to the insufficiencies in standard ESL instruction for workplace communication, we are developing an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) curriculum. This specialized course will emphasize vocational English, role-play in workplace situations, industry-specific idioms, and cultural norms within the workplace.

In the foreground is a a wall map of the United States with many pins covering it; in the background, a hand gesturing to other countries.


The name ‘Cross Over Community Development’ was conceptualized and established to honor the experiences immigrants and refugees face upon arrival in the United States. It encapsulates the unique trials and emerging opportunities they encounter as they transition from their native countries to their newly adopted home in Dayton, Ohio. Thus, ‘Cross Over’ is more than a name; it stands as a testament to their resilience and courage, representing a new chapter of their lives, complete with inherent challenges and promising prospects that accompany such a significant change.

This transformative process embodies the physical, cultural, and emotional shifts these individuals experience. It underscores our organization’s commitment to facilitate and support this pivotal transition, thereby endowing the organization’s name and mission with a deeper meaning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to function as a resource center for immigrants and refugees. We are committed to advocating, educating, and facilitating connections to help immigrant and refugee families achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and successfully integrate and participate in their new communities. 

We also aim to raise public awareness about immigrants and refugees to increase their visibility and to change public attitudes for the better.

Our Vision

Cross Over Community Development will serve as the gateway for immigrants and refugees to build better lives, confidence, dignity and independence. Our work will help the Greater Dayton area become a safe place for anyone that seeks protection and a better life. 


Our Values

We believe in the power of community and collaboration. We seek to work with like minded organizations to bring meaningful changes and impacts. Actively participating in communities and collaborating with others is key to achieving greater successes and real change. 

We are determined to find solutions and we do not give up. We are steadfast in our beliefs for a safer and more inclusive community. We will do our utmost to help each immigrant and refugee meet their needs. 

We stand with refugees and immigrants. We believe that every family or individual has the right to live a safe and comfortable life in the United States. We focus on the humanity and dignity of the people we help, not on their nationality, immigration status or background.