Cross Over Community Development is a small-scale, immigrant-led organization focused on providing hands-on support, facilitating connections, and developing resources to serve immigrants, refugees, and their communities.

Being closely connected to the immigrant community, we uniquely understand the obstacles and opportunities that many immigrants and refugees experience upon arriving in the United States. Our collaboratively-developed programs are free and open to all, but are designed specifically to meet the needs of oral language learners arriving from eastern Africa. We believe in the power of community and networking to strengthen the dignity and self-sufficiency of African immigrants and refugees living in the Dayton area. Recognizing a complex web of intertwined issues related to health, housing, education, language barriers, and culturally-informed practices, our organization seeks to work with like-minded organizations to bring about real change in our community by building the personal and professional capacity of immigrants and refugees.


Cross Over Community Development is a gateway to self-reliance, confidence, and dignity for immigrants, refugees, and underserved communities.


Cross Over Community Development is a resource center for immigrants and underserved communities that provide educational services and employment opportunities in the greater Dayton area.

Header Image: Cropped photograph of woman at international forum for women’s education. Reprinted CC-BY UK Department for International Development, David McClenaghan/VSO.