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Removing Barriers.
Welcome to COCD

Our mission is to function as a resource center for immigrants and refugees. We are committed to advocating, educating, and facilitating connections to help immigrant and refugee families achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and successfully integrate and participate in their new communities. 

We also aim to raise public awareness about immigrants and refugees to increase their visibility and to change public attitudes for the better.

We Care

about the safety and wellbeing of every person. We strive to make the Greater Dayton Area become a safer and more welcoming place for all.

We Respond

within 72 hours. Our office is open 24 hours, Monday to Friday. We always have available staff members ready to help and assist.

We Serve

immigrants and refugees that need a helping hand. We provide resources to help them succeed and live fulfilling lives.



Where there are needs, we research, understand, and present solutions.


We advocate for individuals. We understand the difficulties of having a language barrier. We will stand up for each person and give them a chance to be heard.


We offer educational programs, including ESL classes, to help each individual learn at the appropriate level. Teaching English will help break the barriers of generational poverty and encourage community participation.


We offer hands on learning classes which will give you the freedom to learn through real experience and the chance to build your skills.


We see. We hear. We understand. We spread awareness. We use the power of our social media channels to promote your stories so others can be inspired and take action.


We help connect individuals with health, legal, and housing services. Having access to these services will improve quality of life.


We translate text, audio, and speech to help individuals understand their rights and available services. Understanding individual rights is the first step to achieve self sufficiency.



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Get the latest news, photos and videos spotlighting our new programs and stories told by immigrants and refugees.

Image of report cover with COCD logo and the words "Impact Report 2022" overlaid on gray fractal image.

COCD 2022 Impact Report

In its 2022 Impact Report, COCD reflects on the achievements of the past year and the many people who contributed to making a difference in the lives of immigrants and refugees in the greater Dayton area.

Dianne's Story

Meet Dianne. Dianne has faced many adversaries and challenges throughout her life. Read about her journey from Rwanda to Ohio.

Perusi's Success Story

When Perusi first came to the US, she knew little English and experienced great culture shock. Read about how our ESL program helped her adjust to life in the US.


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