We believe in the power of community and networking to strengthen the dignity and self-sufficiency of African immigrants and refugees living in the Dayton area.

Many of these individuals arrive in Ohio with few material possessions, language barriers, health concerns following traumatic experiences, and vocational skills that do not readily transfer into US society without further accreditation. At the same time, they come with wide cultural and linguistics skills, widespread knowledge, deep perseverance, and appreciation for their new home in the US. We believe that their assets are stronger than any deficit, and that they are full of potential to contribute to their new Ohio communities in untold ways.

With this as our premise, we partner with like-minded organizations to address a complex web of issues related to health, housing, education, employment, language barriers, and culturally-informed practices. Our programs and resources all contribute to our effort to positively impact individuals and effect sustained growth for our communities.


Cross Over Community Development is a gateway to self-reliance, confidence, and dignity for immigrants, refugees, and underserved communities.


Cross Over Community Development is a resource center for immigrants, refugees, and under-served communities, providing programs and resources that build their personal and professional capacity to lead dignified and successful lives in the greater Dayton area.