Youth Mentoring

Each youth that comes into Montgomery County has a unique path. Each youth that comes into this program will be assessed on their educational skills individually. Some youth refugees that come into our program will need to be more exposed to the opportunities that Montgomery County has to offer. Now that they are in better living conditions, COCD and Montgomery County will focus on encouraging them to be successful. In order to do this, we will expose the youth to all possible career path ways, American cultural norms, as well as soft skills. 

Each Youth will be paired with a mentor for 6 months and will meet for a minimum of 8 hours per month to work on goals together. This period can be extended depending on the individual. Each youth will work with their mentor to receive educational support, career guidance, cultural learning, language practice and friendship. This will help them gain deeper insight into American culture, explore and engage with their new community, learn leadership skills and achieve self-sufficiency. Their mentors will receive personal fulfillment through helping a youth mature, progress, and achieve goals, introduce different world views and cultures, and will gain a better understanding of young adult and societal problems.