Learn at Home

Cross Over Community Development is creating in-home, digital ESL intervention materials in order to help immigrants in Dayton, learn to speak English with more proficiency in a shorter period of time. We will be creating learning videos to teach specific life skills in the homes of our participants. This method of learning will cut down on travel time for learners and will also cut down on the need for childcare for women who are trying to further their English learning.

The materials will teach practical living and work skills that are highly relevant to the lives and interests of the participants. The skills that will be taught include … This program is meant to be an intervention that does not interfere with other ESL learning methods. The program is meant to be flexible, portable, and able to service a large number of immigrants at the same time with a minimum of resources.

Tutors are needed for this and other of our hands-on ESL programs. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our program.

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