In addition to the tailored services that we provide, we also engage in larger, ongoing initiatives aimed at transformative opportunities for the community. Current projects include:

Urban Gardens

A pilot project that builds on past successes in working with youth and gardening, COCD’s urban garden initiative seeks a collaborative and holistic approach to considering the health and wellness of immigrant and refugee children, families, and communities in the Dayton area. The initiative provides ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) hands-on vocational training and entrepreneurship opportunities; curriculum resources focused on culturally informed and sustainable agricultural practices; and health education resources and training.

ABE for a Multicultural Society

This new model of Adult Basic Education (ABE) is an introduction to American customs for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants who are transitioning into American culture.  The program attempts to complement the already available ESL in that it seeks to develop some oral competency before attempting to transition into reading and writing English.  Graduates will be able to navigate easily and faster the maze of social services which will contribute to their successful integration into the local community.

ESOL for the Workplace

COCD works with community partners to develop vocational opportunities tailored to the needs of oral language culture immigrants and refugees, who typically prefer to learn language alongside practical skills. Following practices customary to many African countries, these COCD programs focus on developing participants’ vocational skills through doing, watching, and hearing.

Family and Consumer Sciences for ESOL

Upon arriving to the United States, many immigrants and refugees are unfamiliar with commonplace facets of life in this country, from the foods on display in supermarkets to dishwashers in the home. To aid with their transition into their new country, COCD develops curricular videos that simultaneously provide ESOL instruction and straightforward explanations of commonplace practices.  

Housing Rehabilitation and Construction

Through strategic partnerships, COCD develops vocational training opportunities that emphasize ELL (English Language Learners)-centered, hands-on instruction in housing rehabilitation and construction. Under the guidance of trained contractors, participants begin career paths and learn practical skills suited to improving their own homes.