About Us

Cross Over Community Development is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing outreach services to immigrant populations and the communities they inhabit.

Cross Over Community Development is a gateway to self-reliance, confidence and dignity for immigrants, refugees
and underserved communities.

Cross Over Community Development is a resource center for immigrants and underserved community that provide
educational services and employment opportunities in the greater Dayton area.

Our Target Recipients
We are primarily serving the English language learners from oral cultures, more specifically, the East African immigrant population of Dayton, Ohio. In the past two decades, the city of Dayton has experienced an unprecedented increase of immigrants from all over the world especially those from Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan. As these new and increasingly diverse communities continue to settle and grow in Dayton, they face unique challenges of adapting to a new life in a new country, culture and environment.

People from Oral Cultures

Immigrants from oral cultures, differ from other immigrants in some significant ways when it comes to learning English and transitioning smoothly into life in America. People from oral cultures learn best by doing, watching and hearing. Literacy is also not an immediate priority for learners from oral cultures because they do not understand the importance of it yet. Instead, they prefer to learn practical skills immediately, just as they did in their native culture.

Though many ESL classes are offered to immigrants in Dayton, a missing element within the immigrant ministries of Dayton is an adaptation of typical ESL teaching to accommodate adult ESL learners from oral cultures. Individuals from oral cultures struggle to learn English and often do not learn English with proficiency in a timely manner. Some immigrant adults never truly become proficient in English at all. Of course this adversely affects the families of immigrants and consequently also negatively affects the communities in which those immigrants and their families reside.

Our Goals

The founders of Cross Over Community Development have been working to develop a framework for teaching English with more efficiency, building community relationships, and plugging immigrants into employment opportunities quickly with the potential to learn a variety of skills including entrepreneurship.

More specifically, we are working to:

  • Provide hands-on English learning activities that are relevant to the lives of the immigrants we are teaching;
  • Help immigrant families connect with the greater community through urban farming projects and volunteer interactions;
  • Provide language and cultural enrichment activities to urban immigrant youth while they earn money through employment;
  • Build partnerships with employers who have an interest in helping the immigrant population of Dayton through employment opportunities;
  • Connect immigrants to community services that they would otherwise not know about due to language and cultural barriers;
  • Advocate for immigrant individuals and families who do not know enough English to advocate for themselves by making phone calls, writing letters or providing personalized “family navigation” assistance;
  • Use technology to build online learning communities and tools that;
  • Serve many immigrants with more efficiency using fewer resources.
Our Program Initiatives