About Us

Values, Mission, and Vision

Founded In 2016

Cross Over Community Development (COCD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Dayton, OH. Our organization was created to function as a resource and support center for immigrants and refugees. We work with more than one hundred refugee and immigrant families a year. We provide educational services, community integration programs, and programs that provide resources and advice related to relocation, health care and employment opportunities.

We understand the challenges and obstacles that many families face when arriving in the United States. This is why our collaboratively-developed programs are free and open to all. Our programs are tailored towards the needs of oral language culture learners. However, we welcome anyone to participate. We recognize that it is difficult to understand the web of complex issues in the United States related to health, housing, education and culture norms, especially with a language barrier. We will help by providing clear and concise information and can advocate by making phone calls, writing letters or providing personalized “family navigation” assistance.

Why Cross Over?

Cross Over Community Development was named in honor of the challenges and new opportunities immigrants and refugees encounter when they cross over from their home countries to their new lives in Dayton, OH. The term “crossing over” refers to immigrants and refugees crossing over from their respective countries to the US. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to function as a resource center for immigrants and refugees. We are committed to advocate, educate and facilitate connections to help immigrant and refugee families achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and to successfully integrate and participate in their new communities. 

We also aim to raise public awareness about immigrants and refugees to increase their visibility and to change public attitudes for the better.

Our Vision

Cross Over Community Development serves as the gateway for immigrants and refugees to build better lives, confidence, dignity and independence. Our work helps the Greater Dayton area become a safe place for anyone who seeks protection and a better life. 


Our Values

We believe in the power of community and collaboration. We seek to work with like minded organizations to bring meaningful changes and impacts. Actively participating in communities and collaborating with others is key to achieving greater successes and real change. 

We are determined to find solutions and we do not give up. We are steadfast in our beliefs for a safer and more inclusive community. We will do our utmost to help each immigrant and refugee meet their needs. 

We stand with refugees and immigrants. We believe that every family or individual has the right to live a safe and comfortable life in the United States. We focus on the humanity and dignity of the people we help, not on their nationality, immigration status or background. 

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